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Fitness Providers

A website for students to find fitness instructors. The website is written in typescript and uses the frameworks express and react. The site has a CI/CD pipeline on GitLab for automatic testing and deployments. MongoDB is used as the database as well as S3 storage for the storage of user generated images.


This program takes a tab delimited input file of customers, vehicles, and services in order to create a schedule for each mechanic in the shop. This program uses a database to save the mechanics, customers, customer vehicles, types of services, shop bays, and schedule.

Grid Style Video Player

A grid style video player. Give it a grid, say a 2 by 2 and it will fill the monitor with 4 videos. The project is a windows form programmed in C#.

Minecraft Discord Bot

A discord bot programmed in python and hosted on a raspberry pi. The bot can startup a minecraft server on a computer. Even if that computer is off, it will use wake on lan to turn it on and then start the server. The bot can also play music from YouTube.

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

A Ultimate Tic Tac Toe game written in C# using the unity editor. Only local multiplayer works right now.

PHP Expenses Tracker

A expenses tracker written in PHP that uses a database. Has account creation with email verification. Users can add other users as their accountants, accountants can manage their clients expense page for them.


A blackjack game first written in Java and then line by line translated into javascript.

College Debt Calculator

A college debt calculator written in html, css, angular, jquery and javascript.

NodeJS Login Form

A website template for enabling registration and logins of accounts via PassportJS.

A Simple Bootstrap Site

A simple bootstrap shop site.

RC Autonomy

A rc car that used sonar technology in order to turn as it approached obstacles. Programmed for arduino.